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Light Painting Tutorials

Thanks for checking these out!  I love to come up with new moves, or learn them from others, and I love to share.  I hope you find something that helps or inspires in these tutorials!

Current Tutorials

Textured Black Fabric - Creating interesting visual texture effects using a not-all-black fabric. (Added 1/22/2015)

Laser Positioning for your Camera Hot Shoe - A tool for aligning multiple parts of a long exposure shot. (Added 1/22/2015)

Light Painting on a White Background - Creating negative-space for unique lighting areas (Added 1/22/2015)

Iridescent Gift Foil as a Lighting Effect - Create some trippy color effects on the cheap!  (Added 2/16/2015)

Light Painting with Infrared and Full-Spectrum Photography - Video presentation from LPWA Roma 2017 on using IR and full-spectrum in light painting.  Opens in new tab. (3/5/2016)

Making an Inexpensive Camera Rotation Tool with Angle Clicks - Video on how to make a good CRT on the cheap using Amazon parts, with credit to others in the CRT group.  Opens in new tab. (2/16/2017)


Tutorials Coming Soon:

Video light painting using Adobe After Effects techniques
Tools gallery
Fancy stencil usage
How to do the zoomy thing (person in person)
Powder.  Is it really worth it?
Daytime light painting
Concert photography with light painting and a flash
Using humans as reference for light painting illustrations
Step by step breakdowns for specific shots
Ways to make things float
Live composite
Prisms & kaleidoscopes
Pringles can enhancement
Body painting + light painting