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Denver Light Painting Photographer, Dan Chick

"Playing with you is a different sort of taboo, you take the whole environment and put an original twist on it all."

Light Painting Blog Artist of the Month

By Dan on November 11, 2018 3:21 PM

 A big thanks to Jannis Sid at LightPaintingBlog.com for choosing me as the artist of the month for November.  Click the image for a 20 min interview that gets into a bit of my history, influences, and techniques!


Creative Light Painting with Fractal Filters

By Dan on June 22, 2018 4:14 PM

Fractal Filters photography prisms - yes, you want them.

Every picture in this post was created in the camera in single exposure.  I was used to shooting long exposure light paintings but then this new tool came around. As a student of optics, these pieces of photography glass changed how I shoot.  I don't use them on everything I do, but when I use them things sure do get exciting!

Lit by Diliz, kinetic prism by me.  Model: Nancy Nguyen

I saw a shot Eric Pare did with Kim Henry where he used his iridescent vinyl tool, but it had this funky element of ordered chaos to it!  I hounded him a bit for informaiton and then he told me where he'd gotten it from.

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