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Jessica Jones Season 1

By Dan on April 23, 2018 9:32 AM

 Just over two years ago Rebecca Bailey and I conceived of a project.  We had just finished shooting a Bombshell Harley Quinn light painting shoot and thought it would be cool to do something based on Marvel's Jessica Jones, Season One. "Let's tell a story, comic book style, and light paint all the panels".  We recruited Ryan Jones to assist, then nothing happened.

 We talked about it on and off for the next two years. Rebecca was to be Jessica, Ryan became our Kilgrave.  A couple times we almost made it happen but it didn't come together.  A lot of that was that we wanted to have Luke Cage be part of the story and we kept having scheduling issues come up.  Rebecca got married, and recently her husband got a job in California.  She hadn't yet moved, but this was the kick in the butt we needed to finally get it done.  We scheduled a shoot... and had another last minute scheduling conflict.

Undeterred, we rescheduled for a weeknight shoot.  Harvey Logan became our last minute Luke Cage.  Reagan Roberts created visuals for the text aspects of the shoot.  Zak Hennessey joined to assist and advise.   Nancy and Zak both had guest appearances in one of the pictures.  Five hours later we had all the images.
The process involved: watching the entire season again and picking out key moments, compressing it down to around 8 panels that represented key moments, making a storyboard to block out the ideas, casting, writing the text for the panels, then shooting.  For shooting we used: LPB universal connectors and black fiber, a tablet with images/video of the text, a UV flashlight, a red laser, a softbox with a strobe, el-wire, an Ants on a Melon BitWhip.  Most of the shots involved a lens swap to capture the text via one lens and the rest of the image in the other.  One of the images involved three lenses.  Each panel, including text, is a fully self-contained light painting shot.
After the shoot was done the panels were cropped and assembled itno a two-page comic book layout, per the story board.  The Jessica Jones logo was added top right.  These were the only parts of this spread that were done in post.  
Huge thanks to the team that helped me pull this together.  I hope you enjoy what we have created!  This will be available as a 16x20 print for $75 plus shipping. If you feel like you want one please reach out and let me know.
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