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Travel the World

By Dan on April 06, 2018 8:07 PM

The past 13 months have been a bit of a blur. 

Reagan and I took a trip to Rome for our first LPWA meetup.  A few months later we drove to Mt. St. Helens for our second.  A few weeks after that we hosted the 2nd Colorado Meteor Jam in Steamboat Springs, CO.  A month after that we went to Berlin for Lightpainters United and got engaged (via light painting!).  We took a couple trips to Vegas for hockey games and family.  Two days ago we got back from a trip to Belgium with Lightpainters United.


Official Report

Video Report

Making the Wolf, my video

Rome, by Frodo




My write up

Closing report




Colorado Meteor Jam

My write up





LP Blog part 1

LP Blog part 2

Documentary part 1





Coming soon

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