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Photography Rates

I have started accepting paid jobs.  My goal is to focus on fun, artistic portraitures but I am open to discussing your needs (commerical, events, weddings etc).


Service Includes Cost
Light Painting Session

2 hours of shoot time - on location or in my studio

Web-sized digital files of three additional shots

Post-production time

You cover travel expenses if on-location and not Denver

Extra hour of shooting

1 additional hour of shooting time

Web-sized digital files of one additional shots

Post-production time 

Photographer assistant Optional.  Will speed up the shooting, get us more shots to choose from and provide general assitance $25/hr
Hair/Make up artist Available upon request, you pay them directly  
Commercial use of shots varies on usage per standard industry rates Contact Me
Prints 11x14 print from our shoot $40
  11x14 print from my art portfolio $75
High Resolution File

Full-resolution file of a picture from the shoot, post-edits, jpg form

Personal use.  MySpace, Facebook, dating profiles etc okay


Full-resolution file of a picture from the shoot

Commercial use - advertising, cds etc

Contact me



  • The shoot will start at the predetermined time.  You should be prepared to shoot at that time.   This means that wardrobe, hair and makeup should be done prior to shoot time.
  • Photoshoots are not opportunities to get "friendly" with the photographer.  I don't mind shooting couples doing whatever it is that couples do but a shoot is a professional arrangement and it will be kept that way.
  • 50% payment is due in advance to book the shoot.  Refunds only provided for cancellations prior to 24 hours of the shoot.  No-shows and cancellations within 24 hrs of the shoot forfeit down payment.
  • Payment of the balance is due at the start of the shoot.  It is my duty to take awesome pictures.  It is not my duty to chase people for payment.
  • If we set up a negotiated shooting duration then please respect that.  If you choose to go over our established time then extra fees will apply.